Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Westchester

Do you recall last time you had your couches, sofas, or armchairs professionally cleaned? The condition of your upholstery will tell a lot about how you keep care of your furniture. 

Your furniture will collect dust, odors, hair, and other risky pollutants that may harm your health with time. That is why you should make sure to have your upholstery regularly cleaned by a team of trained upholstery cleaners with many years of experience in the industry. 


Rug Cleaning Westchester will help you with that-providing the top quality upholstery cleaning and leaving it look in a perfect condition, refreshed, and brand new.


We possess top-notch cleaning equipment and safe cleaning products that will not damage or discolor your furniture. All cleaning solutions we are using in the cleaning process are safe for your environment, kids, and pets. 


If you would like to have your furniture professionally cleaned and looking refreshed and bright, with no food or drink stains, do not hesitate and call us today. 


If you need a fresh new look for your upholstered furniture, do not hesitate and call us today.